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How Much Wallpaper Do I Need For a 12×12 Room?

Unlike flooring that is sold by the square foot, wallpaper is purchased by the roll. Each roll holds five yards of wallpaper.

When purchasing wallpaper, it is important to have accurate measurements of the room. This will help ensure that you don’t run out of wallpaper during installation. Taking your own measurements will also save you the cost of hiring a professional.


The first step in calculating how much wallpaper you need is finding the surface area of your walls. This can be done by multiplying the length of each wall by its height. Be sure to measure all walls from floor to ceiling and include baseboards or crown molding. Once you have the total surface area of your walls, divide it by the square footage of a single roll of wallpaper. This will give you an estimate of how many rolls you need to cover your room.

If you are using a pattern that requires exact matching, subtract the areas of windows and doors from your total surface area. This will allow you to buy enough wallpaper for your entire room without having to waste any material due to splicing or cutting around doors and windows.

Each wallpaper roll has about twenty-seven square feet of usable wallpaper. This means that for a 12×12 room, you will need about 17 single rolls of wallpaper or 9 double rolls.


The length of a room is important because it can affect the amount of wallpaper you need. This is because it determines how many walls you can cover without having to trim off excess. You can measure the wall using a tape measure and write down the measurement on a piece of paper.

You can also use a calculator online to calculate your wall measurements. However, these calculators tend to underestimate your wall size because they don’t account for things like baseboards or crown molding. This can result in you buying more wallpaper than you need.

To avoid this, it is best to measure your walls with a tape measure and then use a wallpaper estimation calculator. This will give you a more accurate number than calculating square footage, which can be misleading because it doesn’t take into account pattern repeat and waste. The calculator will tell you how many single and double rolls of wallpaper you need to cover the wall.


Wallpaper is a great way to add color, pattern and texture to your room. While many online tools estimate how much wallpaper you need, taking your own measurements gives you more precision. Using a measuring tape, find the lengths of the walls you want to cover and add them together. Then, multiply this number by the height of each wall to find the surface area of your room. Make sure to subtract the surface area of doors and windows. However, it is best to leave some extra paper for matching the pattern or repairing any imperfections.

You should also factor in the width of your pattern repeat. This is the distance between vertical strips of wallpaper that need to line up perfectly. The bigger the pattern repeat, the more waste you will have. Including waste factors, you will need 17 single rolls or 9 double rolls of wallpaper to cover your 12×12 room.


While there are many online tools that will help you estimate the amount of wallpaper you need, it’s always best to take your own measurements. This will give you more precision and ensure that you order the correct amount. You don’t want to run out of material in the middle of a room or be left with tons of extra. I recommend this website for more wallpaper singapore.

To find out how much wallpaper you need, start by measuring the perimeter of your walls (including doors and windows). Then, add the height of your ceilings to this measurement. You will then need to figure out the pattern repeat. To do this, hold your tape measure against the wall and extend it until you reach where the pattern repeats.

Next, divide the total number of square feet by the adjusted height, based on your pattern repeat. This will tell you how many single or double rolls you need. Be sure to allow for 5% waste, as you will need to trim off the excess material when you line up your wallpaper strips.


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